Chromebook FAQ’s

Answers to some of the commonly asked questions:

Why have we selected Chromebooks?+

Will my child need their own Google account, if so, how will the school be able to put apps on their Chromebook?+

How will the Chromebook be backed up?+

Teaching with Chromebooks+

Why can’t the school provide these devices for free?+

Could we buy a cheaper chromebook?+

Journey to and from school?+

Is the battery good enough? How will charging work?+

Can my child put their own content onto the Chromebook (music, video, apps)?+

I’m concerned about my child’s data being stored on Google.+

What happens if my child leaves the school before the end of the payment period?+

What happens if my child accidentally damages their chromebook?+

How will inappropriate use of the Chromebook at school be dealt with?+

Are there any Chromebook and G-Suite guides available?+

Don’t young people already have too much ‘screen time’?+