Care and Guidance

Six Houses – One Community

At the heart of our pastoral support is our vertical tutoring structure. All members of the school community are members of one of six Houses. Students are placed into mixed aged (11 -16) tutor groups, which meet each day for twenty five minutes and learn to operate as a small self-supporting group, rather like a family group. Our tutor groups are led by a tutor who will remain with that tutor group year on year, thus offering consistent care and support. Each of our Houses consists of nine main school tutor groups, and two bespoke Sixth Form tutor groups, led by a House Leader. Our highly experienced House Leaders oversee the achievements and well-being of students (11- 16) in their House

Celebration of Student Success

Our House system allows for a great sense of competition. Student success, achievement, progress and contribution to school life are recognised through House Points. We place a great deal of emphasis on developing our students’ intrinsic motivation. The Houses compete each year for the Mitchell House Shield, with a range of intra and inter House competitions from sports, to music, and even a weekly quiz contributing to the final House point totals.

Student Development

In addition to our team of House Leaders and tutors we are lucky to have a dedicated team of specialist non-teaching staff who offer additional support to students throughout all years. They focus on supporting students and families with a range of issues that may present barriers to student well-being and learning.
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Inclusion and Learning Support

We have gained a reputation for the quality and inclusive nature of our provision in all areas of Learning Support. We offer specialist classes, in-class support and individualised programmes of support. Teaching Assistants work alongside class teachers to support students with learning differences or physical disabilities. Further information on our Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy.

For more information please contact Cayte Mulhern (Deputy Headteacher)