Settling in at School

We have excellent and well established relationships with the Primary Schools within our traditionally recognised ‘catchment area’ and beyond.

When the new Year 7 students join us in September, the transition is, for the majority, to an already familiar environment, led by their House Leader and supported by the House Pastoral Officer.

We have established a first class sequence of acquaintance and familiarisation visits, including two dedicated transition days for Year 6 and a Parents’ Evening in July, a whole school Open Evening in September and sessions with Year 5 students. Our Headteacher and members of our Senior Leadership Team visit Primary Schools to meet our future students and their class teachers whilst they are in Year 6.

The high quality of data available from Key Stage 2 means that we possess considerable knowledge of new members of Year 7 when they arrive which helps our staff to focus on the learning needs of all students.

We take special care of those students who live outside the usual ‘catchment’ who do not have a circle of friends being admitted simultaneously. An enhanced transition programme is also available for more vulnerable learners. Much thought is given to the placing of students in tutor groups.

For more information please contact Steve Wren (Assistant Headteacher: Director of KS3)